Signline & Tallline 4x3, 6x4, 4x8, 6x8

These incredible boards available in 4x3, 6x4, 4x8 and 6x8 portrait or landscape are manufactured from a new Proprietary Plastic/Aluminium Frame, with a single composite aluminium panel. All signs are mounted mirror flat with no joins or seams. Better still, for the first time in WA our incredible 6x8 signs are printed in ONE continuous piece and are completely wrapped around the 50mm side frame. Finally ALL signs feature anti-graffiti Laminated at no extra cost.

Frameline 4x3, 6x4

Go back to the future with these stunning Retro style Framed signs, these are available in 4x3 and 6x4 and are all Aluminium with Hidden star Pickets. Due to unique construction they are available in either single or double sided.

Stockline 4x3, 6x4

Forget about reusing grubby tinny boards, these low cost stockboards are available with up to 125 characters of custom text / unit number etc and come fully laminated always printed new every time.

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